Skyrora designs, manufactures and deploys rockets to clear the way for small satellite manufacturers looking to access Space. Headquartered in Edinburgh, and with facilities across Europe, Skyrora is developing launch vehicle technology to ensure that the life-changing benefits of space are realised here on earth.

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Skyrora are proud to work with an innovative co-working centre, located in Dnipro. This supportive collaboration allows us to develop and grow together as we both move towards the same aim.

Total rocket experience: 200+ years
Edinburgh HQ: 20+ staff
R&D facilities: 100+ staff

Corporate Values

Skyrora places education and sustainability at the heart of our core values.

We’re committed to reducing our direct impact on the environment by actively managing our waste, emissions and consumption of natural resources.
To play a positive role in society, we’ve built a culture that promotes employee volunteering, through STEM activities. We actively support local businesses, schools and the communities in which we operate.
Procurement and Supply Chain
We seek out the most sustainable procurement route for the life of a project. We aim for the majority of our supply chain to be with local companies and contractors to reduce our carbon footprint.
We are investing into ways to make the space sector more sustainable. This includes research and development on our projects such as Ecosene – a version of RP1 and other fuels made from recycled plastics. We recognise our responsibility to do business in a manner that protects and improves the environment for our future generations.

Advisory Board

Tim is the first British ESA astronaut, ISS crew member (Dec 2015- Jun 2016)
Nick Laird
Senior Defence Contractor, Extensive Military service & oversees trade experience
World-renowned expert in neuroscience, currently serving as CEO of biotech company Neuro Bio. Also serves as a member of the House of Lords, with a passion for promoting public interest in science

Our team

Most of our team has over 10 years’ experience in the aerospace sector.

Technical Science PhDs 9
Doctors of Engineering 5
Highly experienced rocket engineers 18
Electronic engineers and software programmers 6
Expert mechanical engineers 9
Rocket fabricators with over 12 years experience 4
Volodymyr Levykin
Chief Executive Officer
The Rt Hon. Lord David Willetts
Senior Adviser
Director, General Counsel
Victor Ivanenko
Chief Financial Officer
Dr Jack-James Marlow
Head of Engineering
Pavlo Botsula
Head of R&D UA
Alan Thompson
Head of Government Affairs
Anfisa Anikushina
Investment Director
Gordon McNeill
Health and Safety Officer
Aleksey Grebenyuk
Legal and Export Control
Robin Hague
Head of Launch
Katie Miller
Project Manager
Derek Harris
Business Operations Manager
Andrey Menkov
Head of Production R&D UA /Ecosene
Max Lutsyk
Head of R&D UA Operations
Roman Myakinchenko
Head of Production RnD SK
Joseph Laynton
Mechanical Engineer
Mikhail Andrievskiy
Propulsion Systems
Ross Crockart
Engineering Technician
Cameron Miller
Structural Engineer
Nikolay Grishyn
System Engineering
Daniel Sieradzki
Supply Chain Engineer
Dmytro Yermolaiev
Structure Design
Alexandra Vasiliu
Payload Relations Associate
Sergey Kaznachey
Special Projects R&D UA
Hally Houldsworth
Administrative Assistant


We collaborate with world leading companies in the field of space.

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