Third stage

The upper stage that operates in space

The third stage can place the payload in LEO orbit from a wide range of altitude and orbit inclination.

1.4 m
1.9 m
Dry mass
314 kg
Loading mass
590 kg
Propellant feed system
Thrust in a vacuum
3.5 kN
ISP in vacuum
305 s
Attitude control
Electro actuator TVC in a wide range of inclination of orbits
  • Thrust vector control of pitch and yaw;
  • 3 axis cold gas attitude control;
  • Guidance, navigation and control system;
  • Carbon frame;
  • Screen-vacuum thermal insulation;
  • Possibility to install a dispenser;
  • Launch of a payload into orbit at an altitude of 500 km to 1000 km;
  • Characteristic speed, gained by a step of 1500 m/s.
The third stage is a capable and versatile orbital insertion vehicle, which enables Skyrora to deliver your payload, or group of payloads to right where you want to them. It is also adaptable to other launch vehicles, enabling Skyrora to enhance your mission capability from other launch sites too.
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