Space Tug

providing space services to satellites in orbit and future orbital spacecrafts

The design of the space tug is based on the upper stage of the Skyrora XL vehicle, with adaptations that will allow it the technology to survive in a space environment.

The space tug is designed to be compatible with both the upper stage of the launch vehicle and payload components to enable a partner launch vehicle.
skyrora space tug side view
skyrora space tug from above
Space tug back


  • Deploying payloads into different orbits and altitudes;
  • Correcting satellite or spacecraft orbit;
  • De-orbiting space debris or transferring space debris to disposal orbit;
  • Refuelling satellites or spacecrafts;
  • Transferring payloads into lunar orbit and interplanetary missions.


  • Diameter 1.9 m
  • Length 3.1 m
  • Main engine thrust in a
    3.5 kN
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