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Skyrora XL


Skyrora XL is a three-stage, light class launch vehicle, intended for placing payloads into Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO) over a range of 500 km to 1000 km altitude, as well as polar orbit over a range of 200 km up to 1000 km.


One of the key design criteria of Skyrora XL is the unification of the launch vehicle’s main systems, assemblies and units. This can provide a reduc- tion in time and costs for design and testing processes, and increased reliability of the launch vehicle.

To meet the customer’s payload requirements during installation, maintenance and operation, Skyrora use an “encapsulated” Payload Module, which is assembled as a standalone system from the launch vehicle.


  • Length 22.7 m
  • Diameter 2.2 m
  • Lift-off Mass 55838 kg
  • Payload Mass up to 315 kg
  • Propellent HTP/Kerosene
  • Maximum Acceleration 5 g
skyrora XL render


  • Propulsion – 1 x LEO engine.
  • Propellant feed system – Pressure fed.
  • Thrust In vacuum – 3.5 kN.
  • ISP In vacuum – 305 s.
  • Engine with multiple ignition ability.
skyrora XL third stage

second STAGE

  • Propulsion – 1 x Skyforce.
  • Thrust in vacuum – 85 kN.
  • Propellant feed system – Turbopump.
  • ISP in vacuum – 306 s.
skyrora XL second stage

first STAGE

  • Propulsion - 9x Skyforce.
  • Propellant feed system - Turbopump.
  • Thrust:
  • - above sea level - 70 kN.
  • - in vacuum - 79.7 kN.
  • ISP:
  • - at sea level - 250.24 s.
  • - in vacuum - 284.91 s.
skyrora XL first stage
skyrora XL  erector stage

flight profile

skyrora XL  flight profile


All the engineering systems of the launch site are of a modular design. Any module size will not exceed a standard 40 ft ISO container. The launch vehicle and spacecraft test and assembly building is of quickly erectable construction. The launch pad is a sectional portable unit.

This version of the launch site allows:
  • the launch site location to be changed;
  • launch services to be provided without impacting the spaceport infrastructure;
  • launch services to be provided that involve the spaceport infrastructure;
  • rapid preservation/depreservation of a site to be ensured.
skyrora XL  mobile launch complex
skyrora XL payload module

Payload module

The payload module hosts the payload. To meet the requirements of the customer’s payload during installation, maintenance and operation, Skyrora use an “encapsulated” Payload Module, which is assembled as a standalone to the LV. The Payload Module consists of the payload fairing and adapter, dispenser (if required), and other systems for safe operations during pre-launch operations and flight.

The payload fairing casing consists of two halves, composed of a 3-layer composite shell with a honeycomb filler. Bearing layers are made of acarbon-fiber composite. When the rocket reaches the required altitude, the halves of the payload fairing are released with the help of push-rod springs installed on the payload fairing casing.
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skyrora XL render flying
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