Skyrora makes ties with German Spaceport

Volodymyr Levykin

We at Skyrora feel honored to be able to support Germany’s new offshore Spaceport initiative. This initiative represents an important new space age for the global and UK space sector.

Skyrora offers a great range of capabilities and has built its flight heritage using inhouse technologies including proprietary eco-friendly fuel and large-scale 3D printing to give their clients the highest flexibility for dedicated payloads.

As Skyrora continues to grow, we have developed relationships with German partners which has allowed us to identify this spaceport. This spaceport hosts huge potential in technical and strategic collaboration and will allow us to build relationships with University of Paderborn, BST and others to help continue our progress. We have already launched our German subsidiary and operations this spring.

Like most in the space sector, we are an international company and collaboration with partners across the globe is critical for Skyrora operating a commercial business. We believe the future of the sector will show increasing OSAM, (in-orbit servicing, assembly, and manufacturing) activities, which will allow us to use our orbital manoeuvring vehicle as a space service provider.

Our Skylark L launch vehicle is ready for launch and already takes advantage of our modular and mobile launch infrastructure, so are perfectly suited for the Offshore Spaceport. This will be followed on by our Skyrora XL orbital launch vehicle and space tug capabilities which will act as a space service. It represents an exciting and attractive alternative for Skyrora missions.

From clearing the vast fields of debris in orbit to producing and analysing real-time Earth observational data to help prevent disasters and protect our environment, the future of the space economy - and, most importantly, the future of the planet - depends on us all working together.

Combining ambitious minds and missions to make space efforts more sustainable and preserve the future of our planet must be our top priority.

The support of Minister Altmaier and the other launchers here today shows the excitement growing in Germany’s space sector. Skyrora’s added momentum can help support the near-term activities and earliest launches to this great initiative.

Volodymyr Levykin, CEO of Skyrora