Skylark Nano has attracted its fair share of headlines and news articles. This in turn has led to enquiries from universities and students to use Skylark Nano as a research vehicle in collected data regarding ambient conditions. The launch vehicle is simple in use in reference to pre-launch and launch operations.

Skylark Nano render


  • Diameter 0.102 M
  • Propellant HTPB
  • Lift-off mass 13.325 KG
  • Payload mass UP TO 1 KG
  • Maximum thrust 1 825 N (182.5 KG)
  • Thrust 1 526 N (152.6 KG)
  • ISP 181 s
  • Total motor impulse 5 s
  • Motor manufacturer CESARONI INC.

flight profile

Skylark Nano flight profile

launch site

If a launch site is unavailable for use, Skyrora can provide a mobile telemetry kit that will be set up as part of a launch site. There is also potential for co-investment in equipment to allow for use of a future launch location.

The purpose of the telemetry kit is to test the key components of the launch infrastructure which will later be used for future launch vehicles. These key components include the following:

  • Telemetry ground station
  • Antenna and antenna mount
  • Control computer (laptop PC) to communicate with the onboard systems

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