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Skylark Micro is a two-stage supersonic rocket powered by solid rocket motors. It is an unguided rocket that is aerodynamically stabilised by its four fins at each rocket stage. The flight altitude and downrange are determined by the flight path angle.
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Skylark Micro allows the electrical systems to be tested under high gravitational force while allowing the rocket to land safely with the use of a parachute recovery system. The launch vehicle can be used to test the construction materials or thermal protection coating under the flight loads. In addition, the rocket can also be used to investigate ambient conditions of dense atmosphere for education purposes.


  • Length 3324 mm
  • Diameter:
  • - first stage 102 mm
  • - second stage 75 mm
  • Lift-off Mass 32 kg
  • Payload Mass up to 1kg
  • Propellant HTPB
  • Thrust:
  • - first stage 1561 N
  • - second stage 838 N
  • ISP:
  • - first stage 172 s
  • - second stage 181 s
  • Maximum Acceleration 16.5 g

launch site

If unavailable, Skyrora can provide a mobile telemetry kit that will be deployed on the launch site. There is also the potential for co-investment in equipment to allow for future use at the location.

The purpose of this kit is to test key components, which will be reused in the company’s future launch vehicles and includes the following:
  • Telemetry ground station
  • Antenna and antenna mount
  • Control computer (laptop PC), to provide communication with the following onboard system
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