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Sutherland Spaceport - first British spaceport to launch in Scotland

Sutherland Spaceport - first British spaceport to launch in Scotland

Britain's first vertical launch site named Sutherland Spaceport is to be built at Sutherland in Scotland, the British space agency announced.

£2 million for spaceports expansion

Greg Clark, Minister for Economic Affairs, is also set to launch a brand fresh £2 million grant to promote the horizontal expansion of space airports throughout the country. This is a strong commitment to successful business space exploration, which should bring £3.8 billion to the British industry within the new decade and potentially open up a completely different chapter in space exploration.

why Sutherland?

As the UK Space Agency states, with the increased availability of desirable satellite orbits, Scotland is well suited to a vertical take-off. An upfront amount of £2.5 million is available to the Scottish Highlands and Islands Enterprise to establish the facility, which will bring together existing and proposed spacecraft capabilities to stimulate the UK space industry.
«Being a country of pioneers and innovators, we would like Britain to become the top place on the European continent to start using satellites as a component of our overall manufacturing capability," said the Minister for Economic Affairs. " Great Britain's flourishing aerospace economy, scientific research council, and space industry support network make the United Kingdom a leading player in the creation of vertical launches.
"This will capitalize on our global renown in the production of tiny satellites and enable the whole nation to realize the enormous opportunities of the commercial space era".

New industry brings new investments

Horizontal take-off platforms also offer significant possibilities for the emerging UK aerospace industry, encouraging companies from across the globe to make investments in the UK. The Newquay, Glasgow Prestwick and Snowdonia sites will all benefit from a new £2 million investment facility to support their plans for sub-orbital travel, satellite lift-offs, and spacecraft.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling commented: "The space community is a key sector of British industry and our recently passed Aerospace Manufacturing Bill has opened up the prospect of creating lots of extra workloads and billions of pounds of income for UK companies nationwide.
The British £50 million space program is also looking at proposals for horizontal space activities across the UK, as it is attractive for affordable space research. However, Sutherland Spaceport will be a huge milestone in Britain’s way to stars.

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