• Position type: Full-time
  • Job Code: E-M-PEO02
  • Location: Cumbernauld
  • Salary: £26k

about the company

Skyrora is the UK’s leading New-Space small satellite launch vehicle engineering company based in Edinburgh. Skyrora’s mission is to provide a versatile and dedicated sovereign launch capability to serve the world-leading satellite manufacturers local to the UK and Europe. Leading the UK’s effort to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious launch vehicle, Skyrora combines world-leading innovative engineering solutions to construct our launch vehicles and develop our liquid propulsion technologies, minimising the impact of operations on the immediate environment in the process.

Small and Micro satellites are being used more and more in everyday life, with the manufacturing rate increasing year by year. They assist us by tracking forest fires, providing communications to remote places and capturing high-definition images of the Earth, to name a few. There is currently a lack of launch opportunities for small satellites, and it is Skyrora’s goal to open access to space to unlock the potential for all.

We design and build our launch vehicles in house and aim to launch from the UK with Skyrora XL, a 3-stage liquid launch vehicle. We have built the UK’s largest test engine facility. This ground-breaking testing infrastructure will aid the testing of engines on our orbital Skyrora XL launch vehicle, allowing Skyrora to both become the first British company to launch from British soil and deliver sovereign UK launch capability at scale in the long term. In our engine development, we performed over 120 liquid engine tests in 2020 alone. Globally, we have recently secured over £3M in ESA funding, to accelerate our development activities.

Teamwork is at the core of Skyrora's values as we face new challenges every day. Every member of Skyrora’s diverse team demonstrates entrepreneurial flexibility to cooperate and establish sustainable solutions for all the challenges thrown at us; from creating the legal landscape enabling space flight in the UK to overcoming societal challenges such as COVID-19.

Why not challenge yourself in trying to get the UK back to space?

About the Role

We are constantly developing new enabling technologies and introducing new technological innovations which push forward the development of Skyrora XL, Skylark L and our other key space technologies. To enable our engineering activities, we require a strong procurement process, which has the capability of scaling as Skyrora grows its operations. Skyrora are looking for a Buye to join our fast-growing team as a member of our Engineering Technical Support, to maintain and improve our procurement processes and procedures, manage purchases and continue to generate strong relationships with our partners.

You will work under the Procurement Enginee to ensure all purchases are diligently made and recorded. You will work across the entire Skyrora team to facilitate the development of launch vehicles in a faster and more cost-effective way whilst creating and managing supplier relationships.

This is a great opportunity to join a space company who work with rockets daily and be part of our journey to orbit.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Ensure continuity of supply through effective supplier management .
  • Work with the Procurement Engineer to improve delivery lead times and cost effectiveness on all Skyrora projects.
  • Maintain and improve the current procurement system in place to improve traceability of all parts.
  • Manage and resolve purchase order discrepancies and invoice issues.
  • Work with accounts to process all purchases.
  • Manage goods in/out and inventory processing.
  • Consistently seek to improve performance through purchasing metrics.

Essential Experience & Skills

  • Experience working within Procurement or Supply.
  • Able to set goals and prioritize multiple objectives with various deadlines.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Experience dealing with suppliers.
  • Demonstrates a good knowledge of MS word and other basic IT systems.
  • Highly motivated person with a willingness to learn and develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Experience using an ERP system or similar is desirable.

Additional Requirements

  • Must be willing to work in a dynamic teamwork-oriented environment.
  • Valid passport and be legal to live and work in the UK.
  • Any engineering experience is advantageous.
  • Ability to successfully pass security vetting requirements.

To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to with the subject header displaying the job code E-M-PEO02.

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