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Shetland Space Center - satellite lift-off platform

Shetland Space Center - satellite lift-off platform

Shetland Space Centre satellite lift-off timetable receives 2 million pounds of funding £2 million grant The Shetland Space Centre (SSC) has been granted a £2 million grant for its development project to create "Great Britain's unique space launching platform". Financing of £2,050,000 from Leonne Intl, which is a leading international corporate finance company, has been secured to assist in the design for a proposed space lift-off platform and land base at Saxa Vord, Unst. The major capital contribution will provide the firm with a 20% stake in the operation of the facility, which is due to include a space launching site and a land operating center before the end of 2021. One year after SSC's initial objective "to be in possession of a full-function space launching system by 2020". Why Scotland? Best place for satellites launch According to the latest information from an external study published in 2017 on behalf of the UK Space Agency (UKSA), Saxa Vord was found to be the most suitable site in the United Kingdom for the deployment of mini-satellites to space, although other Scottish locations in Sutherland and the Western Isles were also taken into account. More lift-off locations Whilst SSC has indicated plans to construct the UK's only satellite launching site, UKSA stated that there was scope for multiple vertical lift-off locations in Scotland. UKSA stated: "We fully endorse the aspirations of all possible launch station sites and we applaud Shetland's relationship with Leonne International. The availability of several vertical lift-off locations in Scotland is a demonstration of the strength of the UK's dynamic space industry and puts Britain at the leading edge of Europe's space exploration industry. Sutherland Independently, UKSA stated for 2018 that it was going to endorse the Highland and Islands Enterprise (HIE) suggestions for a vertical lift-off location at Sutherland, with UKSA and HIE having committed millions to support this development.

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